Couples Value Spending Quality Time Together

  • With COVID-19 forcing a significant number of couples to stay at home, many now find themselves spending more quality time together than ever before. In fact, a recent survey in the US found more than three quarters of couples have been spending more time together, with 45% increasing their time together by 20 more hours a week than they had prior to the crisis.

  • Couples in Spanish-speaking countries were significantly more likely to favor quality time than couples in other countries, with those in Colombia and Uruguay valuing it the most.

  • There were notable differences across Europe. Six in ten couples in Portugal feel most appreciated when their partner spends quality time with them, but couples in France valued it much lower.

Q: What makes you feel most appreciated by your partner?

Brazilians Value Doing Something Nice or Helpful

  • Brazil was the notable exception in the survey, as couples were most likely to feel appreciated when their partner does something nice or helpful. In fact, Brazilians were twice as likely to appreciate their partner doing something helpful over spending quality time with them.

Italians Most Likely to Value a Hug or Kiss

  • Across all countries, couples in Italy were most likely to feel that a hug or a kiss was the top sign of appreciation. Argentina, Spain and other countries where it ranked higher are places where it’s also more common to exchange ‘besos’ in everyday greetings with friends and family.

  • British couples are among the least likely to value physical affection (11%), but ranked second for appreciating the words “I love you.”

  • Across all countries, giving a gift was least likely to make someone feel appreciated (selected by less than 5% in nearly all countries).

Couples in Canada, UK and US Most Likely to Meet Online

  • In addition to differences in expressing affection, the study reveals notable differences in how couples first meet. Nearly 30% of Canadian couples meet online, followed by roughly one-quarter of UK and US pairs.

  • In Western Europe, France ranked highest for meeting online (20%), while in nearby Italy a notably smaller 8% met online.

  • In 9 out of 14 countries, couples say they were most likely to meet their partner through friends in common. Italians are most likely to rely on friends (36%) while Canadians are least likely (21%).

Q: How did you meet your partner?

Colombia, Peru and Mexico: 25% or More Met Through Work

  • In South American countries Colombia, Peru and Mexico, at least one quarter say they met their partner through work.

  • In the UK and Spain, one of the top ways to meet is in a social setting such as at a pub or concert (22% for both countries).

  • Other notable differences? In Brazil, 21% met via a religious institution, which made it the second most popular way to meet after connecting through friends. In the other 13 countries, an average of 6% met through a religious institution.

About the Study

The Global Love Survey is based on data among 15,282 couples married in 2019. The survey was sent in December 2019 to users who have provided their email address to The Knot Worldwide. India data is based on a gen pop survey of 488 recently-married, college-educated couples. Please contact for more information.